Kubity is the first mixed reality multiplex that allows users to play and share SketchUp and Revit models on any device, anywhere through the Kubity website, desktop app and mobile app. 

The Basics


Kubity converts 3D files to play and share on our apps. Once a file is converted, models can be viewed with added features like AR/VR and cinematic fly-through tour or shared via mobile to anyone, anywhere.

Manage all your models in one place by connecting your email address to the Kubity desktop app. Simply type your address, check your inbox, then click the link to automatically connect to the app. One less password to remember!

Play & Share
Once you’ve converted your model, you’re ready to scan its dedicated QR code with the Kubity app on your phone or tablet. You’ll also receive an email confirmation with a direct link. Add the model to your Kubity mobile app library, explore, then it share with others! 

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