Kubity includes a free trial. After your trial has ended you may choose a plan to suit your needs.  

Kubity is a plugin for SketchUp and Revit (Kubity PRO) and a mobile app (Kubity Go).

🆓The Kubity Go mobile app is completely free to download and to use with no strings attached! This is perfect for clients who will never be asked to pay in order to view your models. 

💳As a SketchUp or Revit user, you only pay for the amount of models exported. 

📃 Receiving an invoice

Once you have completed the purchasing process, you will receive an invoice and a fulfilment mail that includes a redemption code. Please keep these for your records. 

The email address entered at the time of purchase does not need to be linked to the SPK Technology (Kubity) account. This allows accounting departments to purchase Kubity plans for everyone in their team at once. 🙌🏼

💰  Value Added Tax (VAT)

If you're living in the EU, Australia, Russia or Norway, find our more about how we charge for VAT when paying for Kubity.

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