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Need help accessing your account?
Need help accessing your account?
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We’re sorry you’re having trouble! Here are some steps you can try:

🔍 Find the email address associated with your account 

Not sure which email address you used to sign up for Kubity? Just send a mail to with your Kubity redemption code, and we'll remind you. 

💻🖥 Use Kubity from another workstation

Do you want to use Kubity from your home computer, but already set up an account on your work computer? No problem. You can drop an .skp file in the Kubity web app from any device with an internet connection. Simply login to your account.  

Double check your email
Never received your one-time secret code? Check your spam folder. 

To avoid losing one-time secret codes to the land of lost left socks 🧦, we recommend asking your IT team to add to your email whitelist.

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