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Managing my models
Managing my models

You can manage models on your phone with Kubity Go or from your desktop in your account.

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From Your Phone

Manage models from the Kubity Go app by clicking on the ⋯ three dots icon in the upper right of the screen.

📩 Share
Sharing models is what we're all about! We want you to feel at ease sharing your vision, without sharing your work. Anytime you send a model with Kubity, you are sending a secure, crystallized format of your original file. This means the model cannot be opened in another program, and can never be edited by someone else. 

To share a model, click the 'Share' icon to show your model's dedicated QR code for someone to scan with Kubity Go on their device, or click the 'Send' icon to choose your method of send. 

To send or scan?
▸ Are you next to the person you want to share with? Just take your phone out and ask them to scan the QR code of the model with Kubity Go on their mobile device.

▸ Or are you far away? Choose between any send method you'd like: as an email, a link in Messenger, via SMS, or on social media.

📳 Screen Mirroring
Comfortably control and present models to a bigger screen right from the palm of your hand.

Simply tap the Screen Mirroring icon inside Kubity Go, follow the onscreen instructions and start presenting your 3D in seconds. 

✏️ Rename a Model
Click on 'Rename', type in the new name, click 'Save'. 

Note: When you rename a model, the name is changed across all devices in which the model has been shared.

🔒 Password Protect
No one can see your models unless you share them. Anyone you give access to via a QR code or link can view the model until you delete it.  

For additional security, or to limit viewers from seeing a model once it's already been shared without deleting it, you can add a password. 

To add a password, click on 'Add a Password', type in the password, click 'Save'. 

You can remove or reset a password at anytime by clicking 'Remove Password'. 

Note: Once a model is password-protected, it will update across all devices, and can only be accessed by those who know the password.

❌ Remove
As a Kubity user, you can permanently delete models when they are no longer relevant to your work. 

To  delete a model, click on 'Remove from All Devices' then click 'Delete'. 

Note: This action cannot be undone: all links and QR codes will be irretrievable, so please use caution. 

As a Kubity Go user (ie: not the model owner), you can remove models from your device. You can always re-add the model to your library as long as you still have its direct link or QR code. 

To remove a model from your device, click on 'Remove Model from this Device', then click 'Remove'. 

↕️ Sort
To easily find the model you're looking for, use the 'Sort' function. 

From the main page of your model library, you can toggle between sorting models from A-Z, newest to oldest, or oldest to newest by tapping the sort icon in the upper right.

From Your Desktop 

Manage models from your desktop by logging into your account, then clicking the 'Models' tab. 

From here, you can add a password, rename, sort, share and delete models.

On A Web Browser

📩 Share
To share a model when opened on the web, click the 'Share' icon in the upper right of the screen. You can share via email by entering your email address and the email address of the person you wish to send it to, personalize a message, then click 'Send my email'.

🔗 You can also copy-paste the direct link to share via Slack, Airdrop or other ways, or click a social icon to share directly to your social media accounts.

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