✅ You can manage account information by logging into your Kubity PRO account. 

To log into your account: 

  1. Click the Kubity PRO button in SketchUp or Revit
  2. Click "View my account" 

💳Once you're logged into your account, click 'Buy a Pass' under 'Plan Details', then follow the purchase instructions.

🛒You can also buy PRO passes directly from the Kubity store

📩When you receive your PRO pass in your inbox, go back to your account and click 'Redeem a Pass'.  Enter the redemption code and click 'Redeem'. 

🔁 You can redeem a PRO pass before the current one expires. The current pass will run its full course, and once its subscription is done, the new PRO pass will be activated.

You will receive reminder emails 30, 15 and 5 days before the end of your PRO pass. 

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