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Having trouble with your Google Cardboard?
Having trouble with your Google Cardboard?
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First, let's find out which version of Cardboard you are using. 

Does the Cardboard have a magnetic ring on the side like this?

If yes, you have a Cardboard v1.0 and Kubity does not support this model as Google no longer has a Software Development Kit for v1.0. 😣

Kubity supports Google Cardboard v2.0. This version of the Google Cardboard has a universal input button in the upper right that works with all phones. 

📚Learn more about Google Cardboard and where to find one here


Troubleshooting  🎯

🐀🦒I feel too short/ tall in VR. How can I adjust the height?

Learn how to adjust your height in VR here.

👣 How do I move inside a model?

Learn all about Cardboard viewer controls, Gaze & Go, and bluetooth controller compatibility here

👀 I don't have VR glasses. Can I still view my model on Kubity?

Yes! Check out our 'Magic Window' glasses-free VR feature ✨Read more about it here

Still having trouble?

Send us a note at! We're happy to help you find a solution. 

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