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Trouble with Samsung Gear VR
Trouble with Samsung Gear VR
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✅Before getting started, be sure that you have downloaded the Kubity VR+ application on your Samsung mobile: 

  1. Put your phone inside the Gear VR

  2. Open the Oculus Store

  3. Search for Kubity VR+ and download  

Note: If you have not already downloaded the Kubity suite of mobile apps, including Kubity Go and Kubity VR, you will be prompted to do so once you have launched Kubity VR+

Device Compatibility  👓📲

Kubity VR+ for Samsung Gear VR is compatible with many Samsung devices. For a full list, view our device compatibility page.


Troubleshooting  🎯

🐀🦒I feel too short/ tall in VR. How can I adjust the height?

Learn how to adjust your height in VR here

👣 How do I move inside a model?

Learn all about Gear VR viewer controls, Gaze & Go, and bluetooth controller compatibility here

👀 I don't have VR glasses. Can I still view my model on Kubity VR?

Yes! Check out our 'Magic Window' glasses-free VR feature ✨Read more about it here

Still having trouble?

Send us a note at! We're happy to help you find a solution. 

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