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Can I see models in VR?
Can I see models in VR?

A quick guide to exploring your model in virtual reality

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Models can be experienced in VR on the Google Cardboard. Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go. Every model exported with Kubity is VR-ready.
It does not work with Meta Quest 2. We recommend the use of a cardboard or other "passive" phone headset for users in order to directly use VR on Kubity Go.

💡 For a full list of VR compatible devices, click here.  

👀 Looking for information about Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? Check out the 2VR plugin page.

Exploring a Model in Mobile VR

Google Cardboard VR 

Please see our dedicated Cardboard VR page to learn more

Oculus Go

Learn more about using the Oculus Go with Kubity here

Glasses-Free Magic Window VR

VR is automatically set to open in Magic Window mode. Magic Window allows you to view 360º content without a VR headset by rendering a single monoscopic view of a 3D scene that is updated based on the device's orientation sensor. In this way the device's screen acts as a seemingly magic "window" that allows you to experience the 3D ✨

➡️ Moving Around in Magic Window Mode: 

Adjusting Height

If you feel to tall or too short in VR mode, adjust the height for a more personalized experience. Click the Settings 'Gear' icon from the main menu screen, then use the + or - buttons to adjust the height to your preference. 

Menu Options 

The toolbar allows one-tap access to the most important features including Clay Mode, Walk, Cinematic Tour, Cardboard VR, and Snap to take a photo of your VR scene. 

💡If you previously used the Kubity VR companion app, please note that this application has closed (April 1, 2019) and will no longer be updated. VR is now integrated as a function inside Kubity Go. Everything you love in one great app! 

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