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How do I screen mirror a model?
How do I screen mirror a model?

A quick guide to screen mirroring

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Comfortably control and present models to a bigger screen right from the palm of your hand. Simply tap the Screen Mirroring icon inside Kubity Go, and start presenting your 3D in seconds. 

How to Sync:

First, go to from the screen you want to present on. 

  1. Open Kubity Go to choose a model.

  2. Tap the three vertical dots menu, click 'Screen Mirroring'

  3. Enter the code you see on into Kubity, click 'Sync'

💡If you were previously using the Kubity Mirror companion app, please note that this application has closed (February 1, 2019) and will no longer be updated. Screen mirroring is now integrated as a function inside Kubity Go. 

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