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Keep getting a "Something Went Wrong" error message?
Keep getting a "Something Went Wrong" error message?
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If you are unable to export your model and keep receiving a "Something Went Wrong" error message, here are some helpful hints to get you back to work.  

👨🏻‍🏭Check with Your Systems Administrator 

Please contact your system administrator to open firewall ports 443 and 80 to the domain.

⏱ Be Patient

Some large models may take a while to load. Even if the progress bar appears to be stuck at 0%, our technology is working hard in the background to optimize your file.

🚫Remove Unnecessary Polygons

If you find your model is still taking a long time to load, try removing some unnecessary elements, such as vegetation, which can slow down the optimization process and if you are having a message "something went wrong" check the textures of your model. Use textures such as JPEG or PNG. 

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