All About Immersive VR with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
We've launched rvt2VR and skp2VR; dedicated plugins for Revit and SketchUp for immersive desktop VR!
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💡 What is 3D2VR? 

 rvt2VR and skp2VR are dedicated plugins for SketchUp and Revit that allow instant 3D exploration in 1:1 scale immersive desktop VR.

✅ Which headsets are compatible? 

3D2VR is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. 

⬇️ Where can I download rvt2VR and skp2VR?

Get rvt2VR in the Autodesk App Store and skp2VR in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse

💳 How much does it cost? 

3D2VR comes with a 3 session free trial. At the end of the trial you may purchase a license.

3D2VR is part of a universal 3D immersive suite by SPK Technology that includes: Kubity, ArchiKlip, rvt2skp, and 3D2VR for SketchUp and Revit.

Unlimited access to the suite is just $99* per year.

🛒 How do I get a 3D2VR license for someone on my team?

If you need to purchase a 2VR license without passing through the plugin, get it directly in our store

🔐 Who can use 3D2VR? 

3D2VR licenses are standalone licenses per plugin -- this means they can be installed on one computer. If you use both SketchUp and Revit, you will need to purchase a plugin license for each software.  

🕹 How do I move inside 3D2VR? 

Visit our dedicated Virtual Reality page for more information. 

🎯 Troubleshooting 

Visit our dedicated 2VR troubleshooting page for more information.

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