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How do I view my model in AR?
How do I view my model in AR?

A quick guide to exploring models in augmented reality

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Open a model in AR by clicking on the ⋯ three dots icon in the upper right of the screen, then click 'Augmented Reality'. 

Place a Model

1. Make sure the room is well lit and hold your smartphone at waist level

2. With the camera of your phone or tablet facing towards the floor, scan the environment by moving your device in a figure-8 pattern

3. Use a single finger to move and place the object where you want, use two-fingers to rotate the model or a two-finger pinch to scale up or down

💡If you want to replace the model on a different surface, click the 'Surfaces' icon to rescan the environment.

Walk Around 

Once you've placed your model, you can explore in several ways:

💺 Object Design
When you place an object in AR, it is anchored that space in the real world. So you can move around it in 1:1 scale and view it as if it were really there.

🏠 Architecture
1:1 Scale Onsite
Walk around inside a model in 1:1 scale onsite by using your fingers to pinch up to
scale, and place your model where you want. Then, simply walk around inside as if you were really there.

1:1 Scale Offsite (physical space smaller than model)
If the model to scale is larger than the real-world space you're in, you can use the 'Walk' function to teleport around the model.

Tabletop Scale
Take the model out of your pocket and 'place' it on a table in front of you. View every angle study aspects of the design and communicate ideas in miniature. 

Snap a Pic

📸 Like what you see? Snap a pic and save it to your camera roll.


📩 Share the model right from augmented reality via email, messenger or by text message.

 💡If you previously used the Kubity AR companion app, please note that this application has closed (April 1, 2019) and will no longer be updated. AR is now integrated as a function inside Kubity Go. Everything you love in one great app! 


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