Kubity uses AI to analyze and classify the textures of your SketchUp and Revit file into millions of predefined photoreal texture categories. These categories are then assigned to materials inside the model and rendered in real-time—this means the entire 3D model is rendered in photorealistic detail with incredible fidelity.

💎 How do I view my model with photorealistic render? 

  1. Open a model in Kubity Go or from your desktop on a browser 

  2. Look to the bottom left of your screen, a smaller timer appears. This means your model is rendering. 

  3. Do not move while your model is rendering the viewpoint

  4. Wait a few seconds, your model is rendered! 

Please Note: Rendering restarts each time you change the viewpoint. If you want a full 360° rendered viewpoint, use VR mode. 

🚫 Turn Rendering On or Off

🥽 Photorealistic render in VR Mode

Using VR mode, you can view a full 360° photorealistic render of your model. To start: 

  1. Open your model in Kubity Go, click 'Virtual Reality from the dropdown menu

  2. Move to the viewpoint you want (like the center of a room, for example) 

  3. Look to the bottom left of your screen, a smaller timer appears. This means your model is rendering. 

  4. Wait a few minutes, your model is rendered and you can now enjoy a full 360° view from where you're standing! 

Please Note: Rendering a 360° scene in VR may take a few minutes depending on the size and complexity of your model.  

📶 Do I need a network connection? 

Yes, our cloud-rendering engine needs a constant connection to your device in to render the model.

If you are not on a wi-fi or 4G network, your model will not be show in photorealistic detail, and you will see an 'Unavailable' error message. 

This does not affect your ability to explore the model on your device.

🖥 Does it work on my desktop computer too? 

Yes, simply open your model on a browser with it's dedicated URL. 

 Turn rendering on or off by clicking the ‘Photoreal’ button in the upper right. 

🎯 Troubleshooting 

Here's the meaning of these key icons: 

Note: If the rendering engine is unavailable, please try to reconnect by moving your point-of-view.

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