What is ArchiKlip? 

ArchiKlip is a web app for SketchUp that uses the power of cloud-rendering to automatically render and animate scenes in photorealistic detail, then export as mp4 video.

☁️ How does it work?

Using artificial intelligence (AI), ArchiKlip takes pre-set scenes from SketchUp then uses our cloud-rendering engine to analyze textures, quickly classify them into millions of predefined photoreal texture categories. 

These categories are then assigned to materials inside the model and rendered in real-time—this means the entire SketchUp animation is rendered in photorealistic detail with incredible fidelity in minutes.

➡️ ArchiKlip is fully automated. There is nothing to learn and nothing to code. Just drag and drop your .skp file!

🎞 How do I create a photorealistic fly-through video of my SketchUp? 

  1. Set up scenes for your animation in SketchUp 
  2.  Drag & drop the .skp file into the ArchiKlip web app 
  3. Wait for ArchiKlip to analyze the file, this may take several minutes
  4. Verify and accept the price quote for your video export
  5. Wait for the download link to arrive in your email inbox
  6. Download your mp4 video!

💳 How much does ArchiKlip cost? 

Animated SketchUp video renders exported with ArchiKlip cost up to 96% less than videos made by a traditional rendering studio!

A 60-second film costs less than $125, as opposed to over $1200 from a traditional rendering studio.

Access to the ArchiKlip web app is free. You only pay to use the service when you need it by redeeming 'klips' from your account which can be purchased here and redeemed in your account.

🧾 How is billing calculated?

'Klips' are the unit of measurement we use to calculate cost. 

Klips are purchased in packs of 1 ($25) 10 ($200) or 150 ($2500). 

A single klip is up to 300 individual frames rendered in photorealistic detail and stitched together to create a short video up to 12 seconds long.

Multiple klips can be combined for films longer than 12 seconds.

⏱ Can I export an animation longer than 12 seconds? 

Yes! ArchiKlip will create an mp4 export of your SketchUp animation for any length.

Each 12 second block costs 1 klip. For example, a 36-second film costs 3 klips. 

🤔 Will I know how much my film costs before I export? 

ArchiKlip analyzes your SketchUp file and lets you know how much your film will cost before you export and pay. 

You will need to verify and confirm payment before exporting. 

🍿 Can I preview my film?

You set up the scenes in SketchUp before exporting. SketchUp allows you to manage the path, transitions and delay between scenes. You can preview the animation of your film in SketchUp by context-clicking the scene tab that you want to begin the animation and select Play Animation from the menu that appears.

The quality of the render in ArchiKlip depends on the quality of textures defined in the original SketchUp file. 

Check out our tips and tricks to get the best render results with ArchiKlip.

📁 Which file formats are supported by ArchiKlip? 

A‍rchiKlip currently supports SketchUp files.

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