💳 How much does ArchiKlip cost? 

Animated SketchUp video renders exported with ArchiKlip cost up to 96% less than videos made by a traditional rendering studio!

A 60-second film costs as little as $40, as opposed to over $1200 from a traditional rendering studio.

Access to the ArchiKlip web app is free. You pay the exact amount of seconds for each exported video so you never pay more than you need. 

Purchase seconds to redeem in your account here.

🧾 How is cost determined?

Cost is determined by exported video length in seconds including all scenes and transitions. You will be asked to verify and accept cost before export. 

To charge your account balance: 

  1. Buy a pack of seconds
  2. Redeem in your account
  3. Drop a project, verify & accept cost
  4. Seconds are deducted from the account balance

Buy more, save more! See pricing for details

🤔 Will I know how much my film costs before I export? 

ArchiKlip analyzes your SketchUp file and lets you know how much your film will cost before you export and pay. 

You will need to verify and confirm payment before exporting. 

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