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The SPK Technology Story
The SPK Technology Story

Who are we and what do we do?

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We believe 3D should be available to anyone, anywhere. 

So we build the algorithms that make it happen.

One founder worked in architecture, the other in game design. They were both familiar with the struggles of 3D modeling software and the inability to easily share and explore designs from a desktop computer. So, they had a brilliant idea:  create a way for anyone, anywhere to simply and intuitively explore 3D models on smartphones and computers in a way that feels as natural as making a phone call or sending an email.

In 2012, they gathered a group of software engineers and began development on an interactive platform to support multiple desktop and mobile devices for instant and fluid 3D navigation.  No small feat. Several patents later, and over 1 million dollars invested annually into R and D, we’ve taken that idea even further and expanded our development to include augmented reality, virtual reality and automatic photorealistic cloud-rendering for mobile devices.

Our Commercial Partners

Across the AEC industry, our technologies pilot some of the world's most innovative tools for 3D modeling software.

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