Kubity is designed to work together as a suite of desktop and mobile apps. If you’re a SketchUp or Revit user, it’s best if you download the full suite of apps. 

🖥 Kubity for Desktop

🔌 Desktop Plugins
SketchUp and Revit users can get the Kubity Exporter which seamlessly transfers models straight to the Kubity desktop app without the need to drag & drop. Get it in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or Autodesk App Store

📱 Kubity Go for Mobile & Tablet
To play & share your models on-the-go download Kubity Go in the App Store or on Google Play.

📲 Mobile Companion Apps
Kubity VR

The dedicated Virtual Reality companion app for Kubity Go. Works with Google Cardboard viewers and other cardboard compatible devices including clip-on style VR glasses like Homido Mini.
Get it in the App Store or on Google Play.

Kubity AR
The dedicated Augmented Reality app for Kubity, it takes SketchUp and Revit models beyond the screen by blending digital objects and information with the environment around you.
Get it in the App Store or on Google Play

Kubity Mirror
The screen mirroring companion app for Kubity Go. Sync your mobile or tablet to a model in the Kubity desktop app or Kubity on your browser to control and present it on a big screen.
COMING SOON for iPhone/iPad and Android. 

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