If you are unable to export your model and keep receiving a "Something Went Wrong" error message, here are some helpful hints to get you back to work.  

⚠️ Check Your Security Settings

If you use an anti-virus software like Norton, be sure to put Kubity PRO on the approved apps list.

Some anti-virus softwares falsely identify a Kubity file called uploader.exe as dangerous. Be sure to unblock and restore this file from within your anti-virus software settings. 

👨🏻‍🏭Check with Your Systems Administrator 

Please contact your system administrator to open firewall ports 443 and 80 to the kubity.com domain.

🈲Are you using Kanji, Hangul, Hanzi or other special characters?
Any special characters, including accents found in latin alphabets such as é or ç either in the model name itself or in the Windows account name may cause a "Something Went Wrong" error.

Please check to see that your model name does not contain any special characters.

If your Windows account name includes special characters, please create a new Windows session without using any special characters, and setup Kubity PRO again from this account.

⚠️Please note, this is a temporary bug and we are working on a fix!  

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